Louisiana Film Prize was invited to the 2014 JKE Recognition Banquet and they went home with some serious hardware.

The James K. Elrod (JKE) BizCamp Recognition Banquet was held last Thursday. The banquet honors those who have had a positive impact on the social and business aspects of the community and its residents. The theme this year was "Imitation of Life - BixCamps Honors Digital Media in the Arts."

Of those in attendance was Louisiana Film Prize (LAFP).

Executive Director Gregory Kallenberg and the LAFP team was honored the the JKE "Board" Award. The award is given based on community service, philanthropy and creative entrepreneurism.

The award is no surprise when you see what LAFP has done in the short years it has been in the SBC.

LAFP was started in 2012 and according to the Shreveport Times they have been dominating this market. Not only are they bringing people to the SBC, they have been feeding money into this economy.

More than 150 short films have been shot in the Shreveport-Bossier area with more than 3,500 tickets sold to their annual festival. LAFP is growing at a rapid rate. Last year they received 86 entries and this year they have 105 registrations. Two-thirds of those entries are from out-of-town filmmakers from cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Memphis and more.

If that wasn't enough LAFP has pumped more than $5 million into our local economy.

A well-deserved award for LAFP and yet, somehow a plaque doesn't seem like enough recognition for all that they have done for this area.