Marc Anthony is not taking his split from Jennifer Lopez very well. Right after the break up, he spitefully got the ‘Jennifer’ tattoo on his wrist covered up. But he can’t erase her from his life that easily, and he desperately wants her back. According to Us Weekly, Marc has been begging J.Lo to take him back. A source said, "His mood shifts from blaming her to begging her to take him back to telling her she is destroying his life." He hasn’t even seen the kids since the split, and Jennifer is going to fight for full custody. Marc is being really difficult in the divorce, trying to prolong it so she has plenty of time to reconsider. But that’s not likely to happen. The source adds that Jennifer is very happy and surrounded by love. Life and Style is reporting that Jennifer already has her eyes set on someone. She’s getting pretty close to her co-star Rodrigo Santoro while on the set of ‘What to Expect When You're Expecting’. A source says that there is a lot of chemistry between them, and he is exactly her type.

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