Which would you prefer: A cheesy card manufactured by Hallmark, or a hand-written, from-the-heart love note? One man is on a quest to show his wife he loves her 100 times over.

Valentine's Day is a big holiday in the United States. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on this day of love. Flowers, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, cards -- the whole nine yards. And the dollar signs just keep adding up.

Jesse Hale from Kansas decided to go with a different approach this year. About a month ago, Hale started writing sweet nothings on sticky notes to his wife, Holly, as a part of a project called Give It 100.

The messages are more than the standard, "Will you be mine?" or "Roses are red..." mumbo jumbo. Instead, Hale picks out the little things that cause him to fall more in love with his wife every single day.

My favorite is Day 5. It reads: "You miss me when I travel." It seems a bit cocky at first, but knowing someone misses you when you're gone makes you love them that much more.

One man spent less than ten bucks on some Staples Stickies and a pen. The impact, however, is priceless.

Hale is currently on Day 25. Keep up with the other 75 days.

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