I am shocked and I am disgusted... I can't even imagine what I would do to my kid if I found out they were acting like this. It's unbelievable that four middle school students in upstate New York find it entertaining to move a senior citizen school bus monitor to tears. These are kids are nothing short of vile and profane. I hope they're proud of themselves. I am so sorry for this poor, poor woman. In my eyes, I see someone doing whatever she has to do to make ends meet... Including riding on a school bus as a monitor with beyond obnoxious and revolting children. The video is hard to watch. I have to commend her on her poise and composure. I'm quite certain I would be in jail right now if I were in her place. The bus monitor's name is Karen Klein. She's 68 years old and a grandmother of eight. They are taking donations online so she can retire and take a much needed vacation. If you'd like to donate, click here for IndieGoGo. At last check, the fund for Karen had reached $260,043. I'm thinking I'm going to donate a few bucks myself. I'm outraged, I'm saddened and I absolutely hate that people treat each other this way. I live my life doing my best to give others respect... After all, you can't get respect and kindness if you don't give it. It sounds incredibly old and cliche, but seriously, what's up with kids these days? I would have NEVER in a million years even thought about speaking to an adult or anyone else in this manner. SMH