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Bullied Bus Monitor Banks (VIDEO)
I'm not trying to be ugly, but if you haven't seen the video with the 68 year old grandmother of 8 who was bullied (big time) during her job as a bus monitor in upstate New York, it's time to catch up. The 10 minute long video of Karen Klein being verbally assaulted by four middle sch…
Outcry Over Bus Monitor Bullying Reaches Fever Pitch [VIDEOS]
By now, you've seen the Making the Bus Monitor Cry video. The outcry over the bullying has reached a fever pitch. Dozens have taken to posting reaction videos regarding Karen Klein on YouTube. We combed through the majority and have found some of the most interesting reactions.
Reaction – Bullied Bus Monitor (VIDEO)
I am shocked and I am disgusted... I can't even imagine what I would do to my kid if I found out they were acting like this. It's unbelievable that four middle school students in upstate New York find it entertaining to move a senior citizen school bus monitor to tears. These are kids are …