I'm not trying to be ugly, but if you haven't seen the video with the 68 year old grandmother of 8 who was bullied (big time) during her job as a bus monitor in upstate New York, it's time to catch up. The 10 minute long video of Karen Klein being verbally assaulted by four middle school boys is hard to take. It goes beyond cruel and mean. Some people have gone so far as to call it evil. After all, who really wants to make someone's grandmother cry?! In the wake of the video being posted online, a fund was established at IndieGoGo. The purpose was to raise $5,000 dollars so Karen could take a much needed vacation. After all, look at the abuse she received in her 15K a year job. She's a better person than me, I wouldn't have tolerated it and would probably have legal bills coming out the arse... J/S Either way, the fund is now approaching $500,000. That's enough for Karen to take a vacation AND retire. God Bless her! If anyone deserves it, she does. But get this... There's still 29 days left to go on the fund raising campaign. Will we witness a miracle in the wake of outlandish cruelty? Time will tell. I promise to keep you updated. I just hope this money doesn't become misappropriated. Wouldn't that just be a kick in the 'nads? Bloggers on the internet are already questioning whether Karen actually deserves this money. Haters gonna hate.