The Two Ways People React to Post Credit Scenes in Movies like Avengers
This is a funny cartoon that shows the way people react to the clips that happen after the movie. The fanboy reactions and the confused normal people. My wife (the Lady Stifler) and I went to see the new Avengers Age of Ultron over the weekend. While nothing happens after the credits finish rolling,…
13 Signs You’re Way Too Into ‘Marvel’s Avengers’
It’s safe to say that Marvel’s ‘The Avengers‘ will explode the minds of every comic book geek who ever walked the planet when it hits theaters on May 4th. Not only is it going to rake in a ton of money, but it’s bound to make the receipts for ‘The Hunger Games’ and the last ‘Twilight’ movie look lik…
Avengers Teasers Keep Coming [Video]
The Avengers staring all of your favorite superheroes (except Superman, Batman, and XMen) is coming out this summer and there are ALOT of teasers out there.
At this point you should feel like you've seen the movie
‘Avengers’ Newer Movie Trailer [Video]
Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Samuel L Jackson with an eye patch! Stuff getting blowed up?!?! What more could you want in a movie?
Sparkley vampires you say? Wait a few months I haven't seen any trailers for the last one yet.
Captain America Spoilers / Avengers Tease Of Teaser? [Video]
If you go see Captain America and watch all the way through the end of the credits you'll see a preview of the Avengers movie that will eventually be coming out. Which will feature Ironman, Dude with a hammer, Anger management guy, Hot chick from iron man two, and other people. Faaaannnntastic. Here…