bad weather

Horrible Weather Last Night
Crazy weather last night ... Shreveport Times has a pretty good summary
The National Weather Service in Shreveport announced the tornado warning early in the evening for Bossier, Caddo, Bienville, DeSoto, Red River and Webster parishes...
School Closings ‘Drifting’ In!
Kids are pumped... Parents need to head to the grocery store... Guess what? In anticipation of the crazy winter weather heading our way, schools are cancelling classes for Wednesday. After last week, who could blame them? I say better safe than sorry! Just make sure you get lots of junk food because…
Shelter From The Storm
Summer Grove Baptist Church has established some space at the church for anyone who might be homeless or stranded due to the bad weather.
Garage Door Woes… Naked
While this isn't my garage door, mine caused me much grief this morning and I blame my husband. If he wouldn't have cleaned the garage, I wouldn't have had my car in there and not been able to get out to go to work this morning!