born this way

Lady Gaga’s New Video (VIDEO)
I can't believe one of my co-workers hasn't posted this yet. Either that or with all the meds I'm on for my hives, I just missed it. Sooo, with that being said, here it is. Lots of reviews on it already on line.
Gaga Says Madonna Likes It! {VIDEO}
Lots of people are saying Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna's Express Yourself with her new song Born This Way. I don't really hear it personally, but according to Gaga, she has Madonna's complete support on the track.
Born This Way Smash!!!
If you haven't heard that Lady Gaga's new song Born This Way hit radio today, then you've been living under a rock. This might be the most anticipated song in my entire career. Even more so than Britney's Hold It Against Me.