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‘SNL’ Promos With Cameron Diaz (VIDEO)
Cameron Diaz will host this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live" this week with musical guest Mark Ronson who will be joined by Bruno Mars. In these promos, Cam reveals some rather surprising dating secrets.
‘SNL’ Taps Cameron Diaz to Host November 22
Just this past weekend 'SNL' announced that 'The Hunger Games' star Woody Harrelson would return to the stage on November 15, and so too do we know what A-lister will also make a return appearance the following week. 'Annie' star Cameron Diaz will make her own fourth ap…
‘Annie’ Trailer: Jamie Foxx Has a Batman Complex
While the latest 'Annie' trailer -- highlighting moments from the upcoming movie remake of the classic Broadway play -- expectedly has a lot of singing and dancing, it's more about the comedy this time around, which is full of your classic Broadway musical-style cheesiness cheekiness.…
New Trailer For ‘Annie’ (VIDEO)
Quvenzhane Wallis plays the title role of "Annie", the big-screen remake of the long-running Broadway play. (If you're still not familiar, remember "Hard Knock Life" by Jay-Z? That should give you a clue.) The film also stars Jamie Foxx as billionaire Benjami…
Cameron Diaz Is With WHO?!?!? (VIDEOS)
They say they're just meeting to talk about a project, but others say Cameron Diaz and Diddy are hooking it up. They're not only saying they're hooking it up now, but that they have been for quite some time. Like as in three YEARS! Sources close to Cameron say she would give Diddy a booty call when …
Bad Teacher: Movie Trailer [Video]
It looks like Bad Santa ... only instead of a boozing guy at a mall. It's Cameron Diaz looking hot as a teacher. I approve of this plot.
Here's the trailer

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