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Cats Vs Christmas Trees [VIDEO]
I know what it's like to spend hours getting the tree perfect, hanging every ornament with care, getting the lights strung just right, and then to have your cats jump in the middle of it and wreck it all.
Two Cats Battle over One Box
Not going to lie, this video would be much cooler with some Mortal Kombat music. This could be a video documentary about the epic struggle of two cats fighting over a single box. I'm sure there's a geo-political angle on the box being land and the two cats being two nations, but I'm t…
Cat Tries to Dig Out of the Snow Covering the Back Door
One of the great things about living in the SBC is we don't have to worry at all about digging snow off of our driveways in winter time. The down side is we'll never be able to build a snowman either, or watch our cats try to figure out how the heck they go outside.
5 Minutes of Cat Shenanigans
This cat is named Luna ... an appropriate name because this cat is acting like a lunatic! Seriously this is the best way to waste 5 minutes.

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