flash mob

School Lunch Turns into Opera
What happens when you take a bunch of school kids, add in some pasta for lunch, then add a pinch of a flash mob style Opera? A funny video.
“Big Bang Theory”‘s Flash Mob (VIDEO)
The cast and crew of TV's "The Big Bang Theory" surprised producers by breaking into a flash mob to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" during a recent taping before a live audience.
Now That’s One Classy Flash Mob
Flash mobs I think they're brilliant. When you watch them unfold it's like a magical moment that happens for all of the observers. No matter if it's a flash mob that dances, acts, or even light saber fights. It's all about the reaction on the faces of the people who have no clue …
An Interview With Jason Derulo (VIDEO)
Yesterday, I had Jason Derulo on the show and he was AWESOME! Yes, the Jason Derulo. I say that because I posted on Facebook that I would be talking to him on my show and Jay came running in the studio asking, "Are you really going to be talking to THE Jason Derulo?"

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