Guy Gets Robbed Wearing a GoPro
Unbelievable video.
This guy in Argentina was riding his bike around the city wearing his GoPro camera. All of a sudden, a motorcycle comes very close to hitting him! Thankfully, no contact, but that was close!
But not over.
The guy in the motorcycle then follows him and whips out a gun...
Awesome GoPro Footage From a Dog’s POV
Ever wondered what life looks like through the eyes of a dog? We'll I'd imagine it looks something like this, except with less color.
Walter is a dog who flat out loves the water. Loves the ocean to be exact.
So Walter's owner strapped a GoPro to the dog's back, and hoped to captur…
Man Delivers his Own Baby While Wearing a GoPro
This is something you simply have to see. I urge you to clear your schedule for the next 10 minutes so you can take this all in!
We have a husband and wife expecting a child any day now. They just didn't realize how quick'y they'd become parents...