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Video of a Sad Kid with No One to Play with
This is almost as sad as those Sarah McLachlan commercials. A guy noticed a kid having a bad Saturday, and narrated what was going on as the kid was looking for his friend to play with. I think we've all been that kid at some point.
This 1 Year Old Baby Dancing On Her Birthday
What do you give a baby for their first Christmas or birthday? Who cares! You might think, and maybe rightly so. However there was one present this one year old got above all others that captured the heart of the the innocent child as well as internet...
Grandson’s Surprise Visit to Grandfather is Awesome
This video made me smile like a big old goober. Back-story the little boy hasn't seen his grandfather in person in a year because his family lives in Germany and his Grandpa lives in america and has been too sick to fly lately. Well, the little guy sneaks in as gramps is taking a nap and the re…

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