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Mission Impossible ‘Ghost Protocol’ Movie Trailer [Video]
Ethan Hunt is back again and the worlllld is against him (just like the other Mission Impossible movies) though this time there's no Ving Rhames to help him out! Will he make it? Sounds .... Improbable .......... HAHAHAHA!!!!!! wait what do you mean I messed up the joke. ;(
The Final Muppets Movie Trailer [Video]
Muppet fans rejoice and be sad at the same time. Another new Muppet Trailer ... the last one coming out. Because it opens "this Thanksgiving" Which is great b/c I enjoy taking post Thanksgiving naps in dark quiet places where I know I won't be bothered. Finally I won't ha…
In the Land of Blood and Honey – Movie Trailer [Video]
A movie trailer that made my woman cry which means I'll probably (definitely) have to go see it. Angelina Jolie wrote and directed 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' which  takes a heavy, melodramatic look at a romance between a beautiful civilian and an opposition soldier during t…
Act Of Valor – Movie Trailer [Video]
We all here at k945 have an appreciation of our armed services ... and this movie highlights some of the awesome men in our military. And the main actors in the movie are actual active duty Navy Seals which makes this movie something special.
The trailer alone is awe inspiring. Check it out.
Avengers Movie Trailer [Video]
The first offical movie trailer that did not come at the end of the movie Captain America.
Looks pretty good, I love the Tony Stark character ... Robert Downey Jr does an amazing job of being 'that guy'. Anyway check the trailer here.

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