news bloopers

Reporter in Brazil Accidentally Interviewed a Dead Man [VIDEO]
I have been lucky enough to interview a ton of people in my career. Before every interview, I try to create a checklist so it rolls smoothly. I'll study who I'm interviewing, I'll write down a core group of questions, I'll make sure my mic is on and/or the camera is rolling, ect.…
See Erin Andrews Get Video-Bombed by Two Creepy Dudes
Oh, poor Erin Andrews. The Fox sports personality was doing a report during this weekend’s coverage of the NFL when she unknowingly became part of the creepiest video-bomb you can imagine. As if she doesn't have enough weirdos leering at her on a daily basis.
May 2013 News Bloopers (VIDEO)
Charles Ramsey, a hiccuping weatherman and Tenacious D are only some of the highlights featured in this edition of local news fails for May of 2013.
Rhode Island Mom Goes Berserk and Attacks News Crew
On Tuesday, an enraged mother in Providence, Rhode Island attacked a news crew when they showed up to interview her about the shooting of her daughter at a graduation party. As a result, she was charged with two counts of felony assault. So much for breaking the cycle of violence.
April TV News Fails (VIDEO)
It wasn't all f-bombs and Ryan Lochte when it came to April news bloopers. From a rapping weatherman to an over-amorous sea lion, we've got all the bases covered as we look back at last month's news fails.