Bossier City Dog Owned by Murder Victims Needs to Be Adopted
We all heard the very sad story of two women who were murdered in their home over Mothers Day weekend this year. Jacqueline Beadle and Karyl Cox were both shot to death in their home in Bossier City. What you may not know is that the ladies had a 1-year-old Lab mix that was at the home of the time o…
Dogs, Lemurs and Raccoons — The Animals of Mudstock [Photos]
We knew Mudstock attendees were party animals, but they took it one step further -- by actually bringing their pets to River Run ATV Park! We saw dogs cruising on ATVs, cats loafing near the front office, a lemur making new friends and even an uninvited raccoon with a taste for tortilla chips.
Meet the Obamas’ Second Puppy, Sunny! [VIDEO]
The Obamas have a new dog and it's a Portuguese Water dog. The 1-year-old pup's name is Sunny and was introduced to the world via a tweet from First Lady Michelle Obama. This is apparently serious stuff, because the White House released a blog about the new dog, which is the Obamas se…

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