5 Minutes of Epic Prank Fails
It's very rare that something described as "epic" is actually epic. Just know that this video is EPIC.
This video will make you laugh out loud, so if you're in a situation where laughter is prohibited, I would strongly recommend watching this video later...
Epic Movie Trailer Voice Prank [VIDEO]
On the side, I voice a lot of stuff, commercials for radio and TV, educational materials, videos for corporate training, etc... However, I've never done anything for movies and I think that would ROCK! Check out this movie voice over guy, John Bailey, as he and his crew prank every day Joes...
Water Bowl & Mop Prank Backfires
If you can't play pranks on your friends, who can you play pranks on? Here's a video of a guy telling his friend he wants to do a magic trick. Only it turns out to be a prank and the joke is on him!

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