Wedding Proposal FAIL [VIDEO]
Wow. This is just horrible.But accurately named.
There's a YouTube video going around called "Botched Proposal" and that hits the nail on the head.
My man had his lady in a boat and everyone on the boat was trying to get her to look towards the shore...
YouTube Celebrity Proposes In a Pretty Amazing Way
Craig Benzine is a YouTube celebrity that goes by "WheezyWaiter".
The guy is hilarious and watching just one video will make you become a "beard lover". He decided to propose to his girlfriend and of course had to make a YouTube video for the proposal...
Movie Marriage Proposal Might Be Best Ever [VIDEO]
I don't know if I'm premenstrual right now or what but this video just made me tear up right here at the station... Yes, with all of the smart alecs around and everything! This coming from a girl who's husband proposed while we were inebriated on top of a bar to Motley Crue's Gir…

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