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Paul McDonald Eliminated From American Idol [VIDEO]
J. Lo said it best when she said, "You gotta stop singing to stay; you gotta start singing to win."
It was a good piece of advice, but unfortunately for Paul McDonald, it came a little too late: Paul's quirky style and unique soft voice have been eliminated from 'American Idol,' according t…
American Idol Is Back!
American Idol is back tonight and I am super stoked! I am an American Idol fan and I am excited about the changes. I'm already digging on Steven Tyler and I haven't even seen him behind the judges table yet. Maybe I can see him in my mind like he was in Be Cool with Christina Milian.
Tyler Says ‘Idol’ Won’t Prevent New Aerosmith Album
There's been a lot of words being exchanged back and forth... Steven is selling out... Steven didn't tell us... blah, blah, blah... I'm a fan of Steven Tyler and can't wait to see him on American Idol. I think he brings a certain 'legitimacy' to the show...
Life After Simon…
This Week's Cover: An exclusive 'American Idol' roundtable with Randy, Steven, Jennifer, and Ryan | PopWatch | The new panel is like way hotter than before... I'm just saying... Can't wait for Idol!