1D in The Big D with K945
It's the hottest ticket of the summer and K945 and Columbia Records have your hook up. We'll send you and a friend to see One Direction along with K945 Practice Safe Text artist Manika at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, TX Saturday, June 23rd. We'll even take care of your hot…
Why Girls Don’t Fart (VIDEO)
My oh my!!! College Humor has gone and done it again! Why girls don't fart and other mysteries revealed!!! Guys!!! You owe me for posting this!
Kid Wakes Up From Surgery Talking Like The Situation!!! (VIDEO)
I don't know what anesthesia this kid was under, but for some reason he came out of it and talks like someone from the Jersey Shore. Wazzzup, Dizzy, and YO are the main words spoken during the video. I guess to fix his arm they put him under for a bit, and of course dad is there with the camer…

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