x factor

Bye, Bye CeCe Frey:( [VIDEO]
First Willie Jones left the X Factor, then Dez Duron was voted off The Voice and now, the last contestant that I actually liked on the X Factor is gone. Well, other than Emblem3... Bye, bye CeCe Frey.
Poor CeCe. No one could ever get your name right...
Beatrice Miller Disses Britney!!! [VIDEO]
Ohhhh wee!!! Right on the heels of Jennel Garcia complaining about the direction coach Demi Lovato sent her in, Beatrice Miller disses her mentor Britney Spears regarding song choice!
Britney Spears Can’t Say Ke$ha [VIDEO]
While I agree those pesky dollar signs can make something a little difficult to pronounce, I think Ke$ha is big enough now that even Britney Spears might know who she is... After all, Ke$ha was featured on a remix of Till the World Ends.

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