I think we've all felt the sting of an actual sickness that strikes during a school holiday.  Sure being sick during the school week is bad, it's just that when it knocks you out of commission on the weekend or a holiday - it's so much worse.

The freakin' Deacon has had to experience that crushing realization this weekend.  Incidentally, this is the start of his winter break.  He has been fighting a coughing, weezing, sneezing something that just won't go away.  We have an appointment for his doctor Monday morning, but compounded with the roller-coaster like temperatures from this weekend - that fact effectively put him under house-arrest.  It's terribly unfair, but he has to stay in and get as much rest as possible.  So, I tried to string together a few indoor projects to keep him occupied.

1.  Christmas Cookies.  The great thing about making Christmas Cookies is, no matter how bad they look - you can always eat them!  Plus, it's always fun when you get icing everywhere!

2.  Wooden Toy Project From Lowe's.  We like to build these all the time.  Usually, we go to Lowe's for the Build and Learn workshop.  If you have a crafty kid, I highly suggest checking it out.  Lowe's also sells the kits so you can enjoy the workshop experience at home.  This time, we got to build a fireboat!

3.  Christmas Ornament From Bricks For Kids.  Luckily, I learned to stow away little projects like this some time ago.  These were from the Bricks For Kids workshop we held at the Jocks In The Box Toy Drive benefiting Operation Santa Claus.  Pretty simple and inventive ways to use the building blocks that have been maiming our delicate feet for years.

All in all, it was a successful day in.  I just hope Deacon is healthy tomorrow.  I hate him being sick, and I am all out of projects!