I have always loved watching the Tasty videos on Facebook and Instagram. They somehow put me into a trance and I fall deep under their spell. Next thing I know 3 hours have past and I am super hungry. That is why this week's featured app is for my obsession with this brand and their app: Tasty!

First thing is first is that it is completely free. Yay! My favorite four letter word. The second thing I love about this app is that it caters to your diet. I am a new vegetarian and I can alter the recipes that Tasty offers by cutting meaty dishes out. They also work with allergies as well.

The app features how to videos that give you informative step-by-step instructions to make their meals. BTW they currently have over 2,000 recipes. I am in love with this app. The only thing I wish they had was some way that I could list off the ingredients that I currently own in my pantry and fridge, and then the app tell me what all I can make with those ingredients. That might just be the lazy side of me, but I hate when I find a yummy recipe and I am missing one thing.

Other than my one slightly lazy change I would make to the app, I app-solutely love it. Check it out for yourself here.