The Parents' Television Council has filed a complaint with the FCC over an "X-Factor" contestant's dropping trou during his audition.  Contestant Geo Godley said he was wearing a g-string under his pants and told TMZ his performance was a nod to his Greek roots, saying, "We always dance in g-strings. G-Strings are legal. The PTC have no complaint to make."

But Godley admittted to getting a little carried away, adding,  "I apologize to anyone that was exposed to my behind ... I had no intention of showing it and it was an accident when I fell. I was caught up in the moment."

Godley's nearly-nude performance sent judge Paula Abdul walking away from the panel and L.A. Reid expressing his disgust with the display.

Apparently covering up Godley's naughty bits wasn't enough for the PTC, who said in their complaint,  "While a digitally imposed 'X' partially covered Mr. Godley's genitals, the scene lingered on his nudity while editing in the shocked responses of the judges and other members of the audience."