Apparently, mudbugs need to get great deals on everyday items, too!

You know every year at Mudbug Madness that there's a stray live crawfish running for freedom at Festival Plaza? That apparently happened at Walmart!

A live crawfish created a stir at the Walmart on Shreveport-Barksdale Highway in Shreveport Sunday. He was strolling the store and freaking out Walmart employees according to Shreveport resident Bre Garcia, who moved said crawfish to the registers when others were afraid to approach.

Apparently one of the security staffers wanted to throw the tasty crustacean in the trash... I suppose it's better than being boiled live... even though a warm bath in Tony Chachere's sounds pretty nice!

Much like the rest of us this crawfish season, he must have been looking for a great deal... crawfish prices are stupid high this year!