If you have one of these last names, consider yourself pretty unique.


The last names listed below appeared on the 1604-1755. The names have pretty much disappeared because the family either moved, died off, or left no male sons to pass on the surname. Some of these names appeared in the original 1604 census, but never showed up again.

Below are the top 11 extremely rare or extinct Cajun last names in Louisiana.

Do you have one of these last names, or know someone who does? If so, let us know!

1) Poulet
2) Gougeon
3) Labatte (We still have Labat, but not spelled the same way)
4) Pessely
5) LeFebvre
6) Blou
7) Cochu
8) Cottard
9) Desorcis
10) Fardel
11) Martil

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