Today, we're going to look into 16 cold cases in Caddo Parish, some dating back to the early 90's.

A cold case simply means a dead end has essentially been met within a criminal investigation, and for that reason, the investigation has been completely halted until new information comes to the forefront. Cold cases are very scary because that means someone is responsible for a chilling criminal act, and there's a chance they are still out there, plotting their next heinous move.

In Caddo Parish, we have no shortage of criminal activity. Every single day in Shreveport, you will find a newly written news article highlighting the details of our most recent shooting or criminal activity. Thankfully, most of these cases identify a clear suspect quickly, and the crime is resolved long before the case has a chance to run cold.

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants
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However, Caddo Parish still has many cold cases that they simply have not been able to crack. I'm hopeful that by highlighting 16 of these cold cases, we might be able to reach something that knows something that can kick an investigation back into gear. The following cases range from 1991-2020. They feature cases that are mostly homicides and missing persons.

Below, you'll find details of all 16 of our cold cases, according to Caddo-Shreveport Crime Stoppers. If anyone out there has any details whatsoever about any of the following cases, you can anonymously submit a tip by clicking HERE.

16 Cold Cases in Caddo Parish That Still Need to Be Solved

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