Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, has been bringing fans face to face with some of their favorite actors and actresses for nearly a decade. Stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pro wrestling, anime, and more have been flooding into the Shreveport Convention Center every August since 2015.

One of the common themes for guests has been the horror genre. Different levels of horror too; from horror themed comic book artists to stars of spooky TV shows, from cult classic campy horror films to all time classic horror movies, and everything in between.

Even though Geek'd Con isn't specifically a horror movie event, the fans of horror movies and spooky shows have supported the event very well for years. With the goal of the event being to bring fans close to the stars they want to see, it makes sense why we see guests with spooky credentials over and over. Because when those guests have long lines, that means something is going right.

Now this isn't a comprehensive list, and its not ranked IN ANY WAY. But this is just a look back at some of the spooky fun we've had at Geek'd Con since 2015. With guests representing a wide range of spooky fun; from music to slasher movies, and even scary Disney movies. There's been a little something for everyone when it comes to the spooky guests at Geek'd Con. Check out this gathering of previous guests (2023 guests not included):

30 Spooky Guests From Geek'd Con's Past

These guests have appeared at previous Geek'd Con events in Shreveport

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