So you're thinking about moving to Shreveport, huh? Well this list might change your mind.

Shreveport, Louisiana or "Shreve Town" as it was named originally, is quite the place. It's unique beyond measure and I've learned a thing or two during my quarter of a century here.

If you're planning on moving here, below are the reasons you might want to hold off.



  • 1

    The Crawfish is too Good.

    If you're coming to Shreveport, you might want to make sure your taste buds can handle it. People all around the country have access to crawfish, however, nothing compares to the taste of our Shreveport crawfish.

  • 2

    The Party Never Ends.

    If letting the good times roll year-round is something you're not interested in, Shreveport isn't the place for you. The party never ends around here, I hope you're able to handle it.

  • 3

    Your Commute Will Be Too Short.

    I've always said that no matter where you are in Shreveport, you're fifteen minutes or less away from your destination. It's easy to get to and from if you're traveling around the city. If quick rides in and out of work aren't your thing, this place ain't for you.

  • 4

    Downtown Shreveport Has Too Much to Do.

    If you're looking for a place where you and the family will have absolutely nothing to do, keep looking because Shreveport doesn't fit the bill. Downtown Shreveport Festival Plaza is constantly filled with extremely exciting events year round. Couple that with LA Prize Fest holding semi-annual events, Red River activities, bars & nightclubs galore, and casinos left and right, downtown Shreveport may just be too exciting for you.


  • 5

    The People Here are Just Too Darn Nice.

    Here in Shreveport, we have quite the gumbo combination in our population pot. We are, as a city, as diverse as they come, but one thing remains the same for our neck of the woods. We're all genuinely nice people, and you can blame our momma's for that. If arguing, bickering, and downright hating your neighbors is what you're looking for, Shreveport simply won't work out for you in the long run.

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