After living in Shreveport for almost a year I have been stunned and amazed by the amount of festivals that are hosted and put on in this town. I love it!

However, I must make one suggestion... What about a Cat Con?

Obviously, Anti-Cat people will be completely against this. I think after we consider the benefits of having this type of convention even the Anti-Cat people will be on board.

Reason for Cat Con #1: All the animal shelters could team up to get cats adopted.

Reason for Cat Con #2: Added Revenue for the town.

Reason for Cat Con #3: Animal Shelters would raise money to support their shelters that are current homes for all kinds of animals.

Reason for Cat Con #4: Awareness will be raised about the process of Catch, Spay/Neuter, Release.

Reason for Cat Con #5: Accroding to Cat Con's website, they work with multiple charities and have donated over $70,000 to FixNation, Lil Bub's Big Fund and Kitten Rescue. So not only would we help our shelters but other foundations as well.