Martin Shkreli has caused a lot of talk on social media after he posted he'd give anyone $5,000 if they were able to get him some of Hilly Clinton's hair... No seriously you can't make this stuff up! Shkreli has since delete the post which probably has something to do with the US Justice Department wanting to revoke his bail and put him in jail for the threats.

Martin Shkreli was made infamous a few years back when he raised the prices on a essential drug for HIV patients by over 5,000%... Which he later said he regretted not raising it more. He also bought the rights to Wu-Tang Clans new album which he currently selling on EBay with the bid over $1 Million as of now.

Shkreli is out on a $5 Million bail while sentencing is taking place for his security fraud trail but government lawyers want him back in jail for his threats.

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