I Will Always Day Dream as I Drive Down I-20 Seeing All the Big Lottery Jackpots.

I have already devised a way to spend all of the money that I haven't won yet. It's no secret that I don't play the lottery, but Louisiana is the new hot spot to win big. We just keep winning.

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Lady Luck Is Convincing Us All To Start Buying Lottery Tickets.

Remember how excited we were that Louisiana has been on an exciting lottery win streak? We love Lady Luck and all the goodness she has been bringing to Louisiana lately.

Let's Go Down the List of Big Winnings in Louisiana as of Late Shall We?

About a month ago a Mega Millions ticket was sold in Rayne, Louisiana that was when one lucky Louisianain kicked off the winning with a $30,000 payday. A couple of weeks after that win on March 23rd Powerball announced a $50,000 win. Then a few days after that on a Saturday night we had a huge win for northwest Louisiana. An Easy 5 winner in Ruston instantly won $100,000. Let's fast forward to the Powerball drawing on March 30, 2022, where someone in the Bayou state won $50,000.

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According to LA Lottery's website, we had another big winner in Louisiana. Last night there was a big $50,000 winner, this marks the fifth big win within the past couple of months. This ticket matched four white-ball numbers plus the Powerball. It looks like the ticket was sold in Bogalusa Louisiana.

US Mega via Youtube
US Mega via Youtube

Can We Keep Winning in NWLA Please?

Shreveport and Bossier could use a big win right about now.

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