I don't spend much time trespassing on peoples roof, but from now on, I'll stay away from this guy's house.

Don't let his age fool you, at 83 year's old, he will stick put you in your place, especially when you're in his roof.

An LA news station ran the story showing 83-year-old Wilford Burgess literally shoving a trespasser off of his roof. Apparently this guy had been roof-jumping around the neighborhood in an effort to evade police, but he learned quickly that he was on the wrong roof. In fact, probably the worst roof in the neighborhood because the home-owner was not taking it.

Miraculously, he seamlessly pushed the guy off, where someone else broke his fall so he wasn't injured.

When the news reporter asked Burgess why he took action himself, he said that the man was on his roof, and he had been there for too long.

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