Dalia Amaris,

Our whole family is incredibly proud when we yell "Hook Em'!". You had us stressing for a minute when we didn't know if you'd actually choose to be a Longhorn, since, you are the wildcard. When you chose UT Austin we all jumped for joy. Austin was in for one heck of a hurricane, and man did you help keep Austin weird.

You have always marched to the beat of your own drum, you challenge things that many people won't discuss for fear of confrontation. You're a dreamer, you think of ways to make your community better, you are always looking for the solution, no matter what problem lies ahead. You are the strong helping hand that I believe everyone needs in their life.

Dalia Amaris

I've watched you stress over school, you've missed many events because your desire to be the best in school always came first, and baby girl, IT PAID OFF! Although we won't be able to see you in your cap and gown receiving that hard-earned degree, we will be cheering you on from afar.

Dalia Amaris

I wish you were able to hear your name called and walk down to receive your degree with your extra loud family screaming from the stands. I wish you were able to finish your last year at UT Austin as many others did before you. Your last year in college was far from conventional, but, I can't imagine anyone else being able to handle it as you have.

Thank you for teaching me that a strong independent woman can major in Public Health, Public Policy and get a minor in Business at the same time.

Always remember you're the proud daughter of immigrants. Your grandparents fought to pave the way to see their children and grandchildren achieve what you achieved. To say we are proud of you is an understatement. Never forget that you're constantly prayed for, blessed, and highly favored

I wish you the best as you kick off your career in Illinois working for Amazon. Keep spreading positivity and the good Lord's light wherever you go. We are forever proud of the genius Longhorn that you are. Hook Em'!

Love you Chaka,

Tia Krystal


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