Afroman is in a heap of trouble... But not for getting high.

No, much worse than that.

Afroman was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi when a fan jumped on stage. Apparently there was no security preventing this from happening, so who wouldn't wanna snuggle up with the rapper/singer from Palmdale.

Turns out this fan was a woman. This wouldn't be important, had Afroman not COMPLETELY KNOCKED HER LIGHTS OUT.

Afroman hit her so hard, she thought she was at an Chris Brown concert. Afroman punched her like she was his arch-nemesis. He knocked her back to 2000 when he was some-what relevant.

All horrible jokes aside, he laid her out. Even though the woman was lying on the ground crying & bleeding, Afroman continued playing because the show must go on, right?

Wrong, not when you just assaulted a woman on stage. Shortly after the punch, the house lights came on and cops arrested Afroman on the spot. He claims he punched in self defense, and that he had no time to tell if it was a man or woman.


A few years ago, I was DJing at Chicky's Boom Boom Room in Shreveport. We had Afroman scheduled to perform. The placed was PACKED. Busiest I ever saw it. Afroman walked in the club, got paid, walked out of the club and got into his PT Crusier. Drove off into the night and we never heard from him again. Then, about an hour later when we realized what had just happened, I had to get on a microphone and tell hundreds of people who came to see Afroman that Afroman had left. WORST NIGHT EVER.

So I am not sad about this.

Here's the video courtesy of TMZ!