As we're enjoying the unofficial kickoff to summer this weekend, a celestial object will make a flyby of our planet that you can view with a telescope starting Friday (May 24) through Monday (May 27).

Asteroid (66391) 1999 KW4, as it has been called, will pass within 3.2 million miles of Earth according to�� What's interesting about this asteroid is that it has it's own moon. The asteroid itself is about a mile wide while it's moon is about a third of a mile wide according to

It is deemed a "potentially hazardous" asteroid but there is no danger of it crashing into Earth. This isn't the first time that 1999 KW4 has passed by Earth. It was roughly twenty years ago the last time it came into view. After this weekend, it won't pass by Earth until 2036.

Break out the telescopes this weekend and try to catch a glimpse of this visitor. You can visit for some tips of seeing it.

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