"American Idol" brings Season 10 to a close by crowning 17-year-old Scotty McCreery as the winner, in what came as a surprise to absolutely no one who has been paying attention for the last three months.

He capped things off by singing that horrid "I Love You This Big" which was tempered a bit in its awfulness by hugging his family and getting choked up. Aww.

Considering the target audience for Scotty, he could go on to be very successful after "Idol." What do you think, "Idol" fans?

But let's see how we got there ...

  • The show kicked off with a performance by the Top 13 of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Frankly, I'm surprised nobody burst into flames right on the spot. Did Scotty have his cross handy?
  • James Durbin sang with Judas Priest ... while dressed like a lost Village Person. It sounds great, but it looks as if "Sons of Anarchy" was done as a rock opera.
  • Gospel singer Kirk Franklin was the pairing for Jacob Lusk. They did "I Smile" and it was ... very Jacob. Can I get an AMEN?! Oh but then! Gladys Knight! Oooh, that's fun.They also take the time to shout-out to the tornado victims and put up a number where you can donate to the Red Cross, which is great. Hope everybody donates, I already did. Every little bit helps.
  • Casey Abrams got to do "Fat Bottomed Girls" with Jack Black, which was ridiculous, but also really fun. Should I be embarrassed at the level of glee this performance brought? Not sure.
  • The Idol ladies sang a Beyonce medley, then were joined by Lady B herself. The medley left a little to be desired, but Beyonce sure can rock the stage and the Idol girls made suitable backup girls.
  • Haley Reinhart gets to sing with some ancient man who escaped from a Hollywood nursing home. No, it's Tony Bennett. And he's awesome, blah blah, but at 85 or whatever, he's not quite what he used to be and I maybe would've enjoyed that more if it was Haley and someone who could keep up, like Buble. Ah well.
  • Scotty's duet is with Tim McGraw and while it's a great song for Scotty, I mostly just want him to get out of the way so I can watch Tim sing in his v-neck t-shirt and cowboy hat. Move it, McCreery.
  • The Idol boys do a Tom Jones medley and that's ... pretty hilarious, particularly James Durbin singing "What's New, Pussycat?" Tom Jones joins them, of course, and he's no Beyonce. He is 70 years old, but I was unaware he looked so much like Billy Joel now.
  • There is a lovely bit where Scotty and Lauren give their music teachers new cars. Awww, that's wonderful.
  • Lady Gaga is in the house to do her new single "The Edge of Glory," which we heard on "SNL" last Saturday. Big thumbs up on this song, I like it. And luckily, she stays far, far away from Scotty up on a cliff on stage. Wouldn't want any trouble.
  • Lauren's duet was with (who else?) Carrie Underwood on "Before She Cheats." I found myself wishing Lauren's vocals were at 100% because that could've been really  awesome.
  • Beyonce got to sing a new song, "One plus One." Meh. I'm pretty sure I heard the lyric, "I hope I'm gonna die by you" and I wonder if "by you" means "next to" or "at the hand of."
  • The final performance of the night was Steven Tyler on "Dream On." He's maybe not what he once was, but it was still pretty dope.
  • From zap2it.com.