Trusting your kids with teachers is a scary proposition.  One of the last things you expect is for them to betray that trust.  That's why I hate these stories so much.

KETK is reporting that 38 year old, former Hudson ISD kindergarten teacher Heather Robertson, was arrested on Saturday by the Lufkin Police on charges of improper relationship with a student.  The age of the student is not being released at this time.

KETK also reports that the incidences did not occur on school property.  If convicted of all charges, she could receive 20 years in prison.

I know that we've seen a lot of this, but frankly - even the thought of this scares me.  Allegedly, this woman is a kindergarten teacher.  I thank the Lord above that Deacon has teachers that we know and trust.  If this craziness can teach you anything, let it be this: get to know your children's teachers.  Really, really well.  Like first name, well.  Just not "Restraining Order," well.



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