Prior to this post, I've never heard anything negative about Ariana Grande. Now, my perception of her has changed and chances are, you'll see her differently as well!

Ariana and her new boyfriend were visiting a donut shop in California ON THE 4TH OF JULY when she decided to do a little fat-shaming on a national level.

A worker brought out a tray of over-sized donuts which led to Ariana saying this:

“What the f*&k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America,”

With Barksdale Air Force Base here in town, I have a lot of friends that have served or are serving. I'm sure you know quite a few as well. This doesn't sit well with me, so I can't imagine how they feel reading her comments!

Since TMZ released the footage, which also shows the two licking donuts when no one was looking, Ariana has been under constant fire for her remarks.

She hasn't commented publicly on her America hating comments, but she did tweet this:

Here's the footage from the donut shop!