Remember When We Went Through the Confusion of "Is It Covid or Is It Allergies?"

The day I tested positive for COVID-19 I remember telling my co-worker that my allergies had officially taken over and my "sinus infection" was past the point of tolerable. I said I needed to take an early lunch and go get some meds for my sinus infection, little did I know I would not return to work for a while. I tested positive for Covid in December of 2020 and I am forever second-guessing my allergies.

Here I Am, Yet Again With Glossy Eyes and a Horrid Headache.

The nonstop sneezing, the horrid drowsy feeling. Covid is that you?

A Couple of At Home Tests Tell Me to Pay Extra for Allergy Medication.

Up until now I had never gone in and purchased the allergy meds that you can only get behind the counter at the pharmacy. One coworker got hit hard by allergies he worked from home for a couple of days because he was so miserable.

According to the Weather Channel, the Tree Pollen Count is Up There.

Many look to the Weather Channel for weather, as for me and my house, well more like me and my horrid allergies, I look to check if it's just me suffering from horrid allergies. Tree pollen is scary high in Shreveport-Bossier, that may be why you feel so miserable.

The Next 15 Days Will Be Rough For Those Suffering With Pollen Allergies.

I had no idea how allergic I was to pollen up until I moved to the south. Please remember to take those allergy meds and most importantly remember to ask for the allergy meds behind the counter.

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