It takes two things to get me to care about baseball. Number one. The Captains would have to come back to Shreveport, yes that would get me excited. Number two. Something absolutely incredible & unbelievable must happen.

Well, at this moment, I care about baseball. Check this out!

Some guy attended a Cubs game while they were taking on the Dodgers. This man is a Cubs fan, and a father. He combined those two yesterday in a moment that will live on forever.

My man was bottle feeding his baby when all of a sudden, a fly ball comes right at him. So what does he do? Exactly what every loving dad would do. Put the baby in one hand and catch the ball with the other!

He pulled it off like a legend.

Dodger's first basemen, Adrian Gonzalez, would have made an incredible catch, had it not been for the baby-catcher.

It ended as a win-win for both because the Dodgers challenged the play and it was ruled an out.

The Dodgers tweeted the following which then lit the internet on fire.