Every Valentine's Day we scour the retail landscape for the gift that accurately reflects the level of passion we feel for that special someone in our lives.  The task gets more difficult the longer you are with said sugar buns.  We set our selves up for a seemingly dire eventuality:  at some point, we won't be able to top last year's gift.

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Innovation is necessity in this arena.  You have to outwit your most cunning opponent: yourself from last year.  Obviously, you can't simply outspend yourself.  That is a road to even greater frustration.  You'll eventually end up buying a car for your sweetie, then be praying that V-Day gets cancelled soon after - cause you'll be buying yachts, private jets, and islands in the ensuing years to keep up the pace.  That's madness!  So, what do you do?  You get creative, that's what.

What you are looking at is a whole heart-load of beef jerky formed to look like roses!  This is Valentine's Day gifting at the expert level.  Sayitwithbeef.com offers roses and daises in one of 2 different style beer drinking vessels for $35.  Order now to beat the rush!  I love this because it is so completely different, it's a guaranteed win!  Even if the object of your desire doesn't appreciate this very special gift, at least you get a delicious and protein-packed treat to soothe your broken heart.  Plus, you don't need that jerk when you have jerky!