Being some what new to there area I'm constantly looking for the best places to eat in town and now that it's Crawfish season I'm looking for the best place around to get some delicious mudbugs! We know which places have The Best Prices In The SBC but what about the best tasting?

My go to starting off is usually Yelp and that's where this list originates but if you know of some place that should be added let me know and I'll have it added immediately! Do you prefer your Crawfish fresh out of the shell or how about with pasta or crawfish pie or crawfish ettouffee? I've fallen in love with this amazing treat since moving to the area from North Carolina (I never had Crawfish prior to moving here).

Below is a list of places around town off Yelp and via suggestion for The Best Crawfish In The SBC! If you think a restaurant should be added let us know and we will add it! You can vote once every 6 hours and the top places will be announced on Monday February 13th!

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