Some women want to be bathed in gifts on Valentines Day. For men, this can be a tricky day. You want to be unique in your gift choosing, but you don't want to get the lady something she wont like. If you get her the same gifts year after year, it will land you in the doghouse.

The annual predicament we as men find ourselves in.

Luckily for us, a familiar friend has come to rescue us from repeated gift-giving.


I know what you're thinking, "Jay, if I give my chick Doritos, she'll slap me in the face!" And you know what? You're probably right. If you give your woman a bag of Doritos, you earned that slap to the dome.

This is no ordinary Doritos delivery my friends.

What do females love the most (for some unexplained reason)? That's right, flowers. I've never understood their fascination with pretty plants, but the females on Earth really love those things. Now you're saying, But Jay, I just bought her flowers last year and every other year before that!"

You better shut up with these ridiculous statements and let me finish.

These are a step above your ordinary batch of flowers from Walmart.

This is a beautiful bouquet of flowers made completely out of Doritos! Get the gift you're woman will truly enjoy, Doritos flowers!

To learn how to make this masterful bouquet yourself, click HERE!


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