While it's not a full-blown reopening, we're happy to share that the grill inside Big Country will be open this weekend.

Last week, all signs pointed towards Big Country's anticipated reopening being delayed by several weeks. Even though bars and nightclubs are free to open at 25% capacity during Louisiana's Phase Two, Big Country decided not to re-open during this phase do to the other restrictions.

Those Phase Two restrictions for bars and nightclubs can be found below, courtesy of LA's Open Safely guidelines.



  • No more than 10 persons shall be seated at a single table and such parties should be members of the same household.
  • Avoid gatherings in the building while entering, exiting, or moving about.
  • Indoor live entertainment, which includes but is not limited to bands and karaoke, is not authorized in this phase.
  • Customers are required to be seated at tables and not congregating in open areas of the establishment.
  • Dancing, indoors or outdoors, is not authorized in this phase.


Shortly after we published that story, Big Country announced they would not be opening their full club at this time. However, we didn't have to wait too long to get some good news. This weekend, beginning Thursday, June 11th, Big Country will be open, although it won't be the entire club. Instead, for the time being, Big Country will be opening up their grill area, inside the karaoke room.

In their opening announcement, Big Country says they will continue to open the big Country Grill Thursday-Saturday until Phase Three begins for us here in Louisiana.

To see their full announcement, and keep track of upcoming announcements, click HERE.



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