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Thanks to the brave men and women with 6 different Louisiana law enforcement agencies, a mountain of drugs is now safely in police custody and 2 men involved with the criminal organization responsible for selling it are behind bars.

The Louisiana State Police announced that the gigantic mound of drugs, money, and guns confiscated during the bust on their official Facebook page yesterday was the culmination of a joint narcotics investigation between their own Criminal Investigative Division and DEA department in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Franklin Parish, Madison Parish, and Tensas Parish Sheriffs' Offices.

The good guys had been hot on the trail of Keith Mosley starting way back in January of 2020, but the hunt intensified when a federal grand jury indicted him in April of this year.  After receiving a tip that Mosely was holed up in a house in Newellton, Louisiana, LSP officers made a bee-line to the location to find out more.  During the course of the investigation, officials reportedly saw what they believed to be "ecstasy and loose marijuana" on a table clearly visible through a window of the house.

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants
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Police also questioned the home's owner and discovered that brothers Amahry, 19, and Ashley Jackson, 29, of Newellton were inside the house at the time.  After getting the proper search warrants, law enforcement searched the house and found a full-blown narcotics operation inside.

According to BRProud, police confiscated "17 pounds of marijuana, 14 pounds of cocaine, half a pound of Xanax bars, about 1 pound of ecstasy, 2 pounds of crack cocaine, and several grams of methamphetamine."  On top of the drugs, investigators found more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash ($259,000), money counting machines, vacuum sealers and bags, and 8 rifles.

DEA Agents Raid Michael Jackson's Doctor's Office In Houston
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The Jackson brothers have reportedly been arrested and booked into the Tensas Parish Jail.  Even though the charges are still being tallied, it's a pretty sure bet that these two will be enjoying a long stay.  The hunt continues, however, as officers are still searching for their original target - Keith Mosley.  They have also added another name to the wanted poster associated with this investigation.  35-year old Orlando Jackson of Newellton was not at the home when the bust went down, but authorities say he was a pretty big part of it.  An arrest warrant has been issued for him in what seems like the longest charge in history!

According to the report, Orlando Jackson is wanted for "possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession with intent to distribute ecstasy, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Xanax, possession of firearms in the presence of controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and transactions involving drug proceeds"

If you know where the remaining members of this ring may be now, please contact the Louisiana State Police here.

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