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If you know the person who was driving this black Escalade yesterday (Tuesday, July 19, 2022) on Stoner Avenue in Shreveport, we see you! While we personally wouldn't leave a message like you did on the rear window of our vehicle (think re-sale value), we admire your sense of humor and common sense!

Yes, if you're sick, you should definitely stay home. Nothing you had planned today is important enough for you to infect anyone else with your cooties! As for your request for folks that are 'thick' to follow you, I think you're on to something!

You see, I identify as 'thick,' and I promise you ladies, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little extra padding. Yes, we're inundated with images of stick figure looking women in the media, but most men will tell you that they like a little 'cushion.' Maybe it's just me, but I think men think a confident woman is the sexiest, no matter her size. As a woman, I'll take a kind, funny, compassionate man with a 'dad bod' over one with muscles on their muscles any day.

Ginger Bryant/Canva
Ginger Bryant/Canva

While I certainly can't speak for men, I can say that I feel sorry for all of the really skinny women running around Shreveport. I know some are skinny due to things out of their control, but for the ones who are knowingly skipping out on all of our great Louisiana food, I'm going to pray for you!

To the driver of the black Escalade, I salute you!

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