According to KSLA, after a woman shared her story about two men following her around a Walmart store in Bossier City on Facebook it is now getting a lot of attention.

Credit: Mark Mainz / Staff Getty Images
Credit: Mark Mainz / Staff Getty Images

The encounter was posted under the name of Jared Courtney Basham that told the extremely eerie story of her walking through the Neighborhood Walmart on Barksdale with two men following her every step of the way.

The most terrifying part about this whole story is that there are close to 200 comments on the original post that tell the same kind of stories of creepy individuals follow them in local stores in the Shreveport/Bossier City area, according to KSLA.

I can relate. A few months ago I was in Best Buy on Airline. I was looking at the phones and the iPads and noticed a guy following me out of the corner of my eye. I would move, and he would move. This happened again and again. I purchased my items and got in my car and left.

Looking back now, I wish I would have said something. But in that moment I just felt that I should get out. Looking back now I wish that I had said something to a Manager.

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