Over the weekend I got the chance to go to NYC to see Sammy Adams and that seriously rocked! I have to admit, I was a little worried though. I flew in Friday, one day after all of the airports closed due to the nor'easter that blew in on the heels of Hurricane Sandy.

I can report that Midtown (Manhattan) was back to normal. You couldn't tell anything had happened. I felt bad for the people on Long Island and some of the surround areas though as a lot of them still didn't have power after TWO WEEKS! It's pretty freaking cold in New York/New Jersey in November. I wouldn't be happy either. I heard stories of families losing their homes and also stories of crews from energy companies across the country (think SWEPCO) coming to help restore power and having them turned away because they weren't union. SMH

On a lighter note, I have a new obsession. Blow Outs! I'd kill to have a salon in the SBC that specialized in blowouts. I got one as soon as I landed Friday. My friend Marni gave me some tips. She had me skip Dry Bar and head straight for Deja Vous where the cutest Argentinian man ever gave me silky, runway worthy hair... that lasted for two days, easy. Like I said, I'm addicted.

In addition to seeing Sammy Adams at the Roseland, I stayed at the Ameritania, visited St. Andrews, The Three Monkeys and dined at Angelo's, next door to the historic Ed Sullivan Theater. Not bad for a quick overnight trip:)